Tom Hiddleston with fans on the set of Crimson Peak on April 16, 2014


I’ll just waffle on like I just did then and answer many of your questions. That’s what happens in interviews. That’s why I always get fucked up by journalists.

― Benedict Cumberbatch when told it was the last question. (via benaddictmindpalace)


"humankind" more like “humanmean"

There are several rooms in my mind palace that are not fit for public consumption

― Benedict Cumberbatch (via admiralsushishin)
I’m very much in the belief that he took his own life…his way of loving, his way of being and we lost a great hero.

― Benedict Cumberbatch on Turing. OZCON (via benaddictmindpalace)

I’m sorry! I don’t have a bad taste in music! I even have Australians on here!

― Benedict Cumberbatch when asked about the most embarrassing song on his phone at Sydney Oz Comic Con (via drawbadsherlock)


Benedict dancing and commenting on the ThrillerBatch video

(credit: part 1, part 2, part 3)


BUT look at his face


so proud of his new shield and then peggy shoots him